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Staying cool this summer when you're recovering in a cast

Posted by Tom Schwab

Hot summer castThe last thing you need during the hot summer months is an even hotter cast on your foot.  But when you have an unexpected injury, there is not much you can do but bear with your cast and get through those hot summer days.  As a parent it can be even worse as, you are likely not comfortable in the summer as it is with one or more child hanging from you at all times.  Having a cast on your foot just makes everything even worse.  In order to stay as cool as possible, even with a hot cast on your foot, take these tips into consideration.


Tip#1: Use Umbrellas

When the sun is beating down on you and your children want to be outside playing in the yard, use an umbrella to gain access to extra shade.  You can’t always place trees just where you need them for optimum shade, but you can take an umbrella almost anywhere.


Tip#2: Stay Hydrated

The best way to keep a cool feeling from the inside out is to keep an ice cold bottle of water nearby for frequent sips.  Even if you do not feel thirsty, keep drinking.  It’ll keep you cooler and it will help you avoid overheating.  Your body may hold in a bit more heat due to the sticky cast on your leg.


Tip#3: Frozen washcloths

On a really hot day, nothing feels better than an icy washcloth against your neck.  Freeze several washcloths after rinsing them under the faucet for a few seconds and grab them out when the summer sun is at its worst.  Place them on your neck, head, forehead, or anywhere else you feel hot.  You can even put them behind your knees to get them as close to your injured leg and cast area as possible.


CAst Cooler stops the itchTip#4: Stop the itch

Putting an ice pack against  back side of your knee is the easiest way to cool off your leg.  Never put anything in your cast.  Powder and water only make it worse over the long term  What causes the itch and smell is the ideal ground for bacteria.  Moisture from you skin get the cast padding moist.  Bacteria form your skin grows quickly in the moist warm padding.  the only way to relieve the itch and smell is to dry out the padding.  The Cast Cooler attaches to any vacuum and draws fresh cooling air into any fiberglass cast.


Tip#5: Keep it dry

Try to keep the area beneath the cast as dry as possible to help it not feel quite so hot and stop the itching before it starts.  If you are anywhere near water a latex free cast protector will keep it safe and clean.  Easier than a trash bag, they are also  guaranteed forth life of your cast.


 Cover my CAstTip#6: Keep your cast clean and looking good

Putting a decorative cast cover over your cast makes it look better, plus it keeps it clean.


Tip#7: Stay Inside

When the temperatures are above the normal level, it is okay to say no to going outside.  Find some indoor activities to entertain yourslef or the kids and take it easy on yourself.  The last thing you need is to add discomfort to yourself when you are already likely not very comfortable in your cast.


Tip#8: Find a better option than crutches

You will probably feel even more hot and sticky with a crutch under each arm, but there are alternatives to crutches you could check out to see if they would help you not only get around better, but also stay cooler.  They can be rented or purchased depending upon how long you will need them.  Options such as the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch, which allows you to walk nearly like normal without anything tying up your hands.  If you really want to get a breeze going, try out the Knee Scooter, which has wheels and can really help you move fast.  The Seated Scooter is even more fun and can help you get a little more rest while you move from place to place.


Roll-about Knee Walkeriwalkfree hands free crutchIwalkfree hands free crutch

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