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Live YOUR life with a Knee Scooter instead of crutches

Posted by Brooke Williams

Chicago knee scooter rentalWhen Paulette of Glendale Heights, Illinois had foot surgery, she knew she was in for four long weeks without putting weight on her foot.  She wasn’t sure how her recovery would go, but she certainly wasn’t looking forward to it.  When her daughter mentioned Goodbye Crutches, Paulette jumped at the chance to order a knee scooter.  “I never knew there was such a marvelous invention,” she said.  “It was a total life saver!”

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High Scool is better on a Knee Scooter than a Wheelchair

Posted by Tom Schwab

Knee walker turning roll-a-bout knee walker
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Rent a Segway for fun, rent a Knee Scooter for necessity

Posted by Tom Schwab

Segway tour of napa leads to a knee scooterWhen Sarah Nordin from California broker her ankle, she went all out.  “Most people just trip and fall,” she said, “but I was riding a segway.”  Sarah was enjoying a tour of Napa on the Segway when things took a turn for the worse.  At first, doctors thought she had a simple sprain.  She later received a call that her ankle was actually broken and she needed to return to get a cast put on.  While she was getting the cast placed on her ankle, the technician told her about the Knee Scooter.  “I immediately rented one for a month and later I ended up buying it.”

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Back to work after foot or ankle surgery with a Seated Scooter

Posted by Tom Schwab

BAck to work on a seated scooter after foot or ankle surgeryWhen Shari Peterson of Northern Virginia was told that she could not bear weight on one leg for an extended period of time, she didn’t know what she was going to do.  Then, she discovered Goodbye Crutches.  “Your website is great,” she said.  “I found every aspect of it easy to understand, easy to use and of superior quality.”

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Navigating the Hills of New York on a Knee Walker

Posted by Tom Schwab

hills on a knee walker roll-a-boutWhen Jack P. of Brooklyn, New York broke his foot, he realized how hard crutches really were.  “Crutches are harder than I thought,” he stated, “going uphill is hard, but downhill is actually the more difficult direction.”  Because of where Jack lives, he quickly discovered that crutches were nearly impossible.  “I live in a hilly urban neighborhood,” he said, “and have developed a newfound interest in pavement consistency.”

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