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Who is Goodbye Crutches? A behind the scenes video tour

Posted by Tom Schwab

When you buy something online you want to know who you are dealing. 

The official mascot of goodbye crutches
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How to Avoid Getting Hurt Online after Foot Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

avoid being hurt while recovering form foot surgeryAs you recover on one foot after an ankle injury or foot surgery you might enjoy shopping online from your couch.  While you like the ease and convenience don't forget about the real risks it may present.  Goodbye Crutches was invited to present at the 2013 CNP Expo in Orlando, Florida.  This international conference of bankers, regulators and merchants focuses on making online transactions as secure as possible for both the customer and merchant.  We wanted to share what we learned.

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Posted by Tom Schwab

describe the imageKalamazoo, Michigan – February 6, 2013 -  Goodbye Crutches announced the acquisition of  in it’s continuing growth serving those who can’t bear weight and can’t bear crutches as they recover from surgery or injury.

Founded in 1994, the Roll-a-bout Corporation of Frederica, Delaware invented and patented the original knee walker.  The brand name “Roll-a-bout” soon became synonymous with a modern option to stay non weight bearing. 

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Customer Service reviews of Goodbye Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

The Goodbye Crutches TeamWhen you buy something from a store, you know you can return to that store to make a change, get your money back, ask questions, or even complain.  Some stores have excellent customer services while others are lacking.  When you buy something over the phone or even on the Internet, however, you never know for sure what you are going to get in terms of customer service.

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Complaints and other bad reviews of Goodbye Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

Complaints and bad customer reviews of Goodbye Crutches Knee Walker rentalWe are the first to let you know we are not perfect.  Each day at our daily team meeting one of the things we pray for is that we will be of service to all that come to us in need.  That we will be a bright part in their day regardless fif they order. Not every person buys or rents from us because we are not the best choice for one is.

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