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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bunion Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

bunion2-resized-600If you have a bunion then you know the kind of pain they can cause on a daily basis. While there are some things you can do to ease the pain, you can’t change the way it looks. That bony bump penetrating from the side of your big toe is just embarrassing to look at, and you actually feel ashamed wearing open-toe shoes. The pain and the resentment you feel sometimes overwhelms you and you wonder how something like a bunion can have so much control over your life. Bunion surgery could be the solution to your problem and below are five things you might not know about the procedure.


1. Bunion surgery is the only treatment to get rid of your bunion completely

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How Parents Can Help Their Child Recover on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

Crutches_can_be_unsafe_for_kids_with_broken_footChances are you’ve probably spotted many little ones sporting casts of different colors. Given the amount of running, jumping and falling they do, it’s no surprise fractures are the fourth most common injury in children under six. If your cutie is the type of tyke to be crawling on counters, jumping on the bed or hitting home runs, they’re probably going to fall - a lot. The good news is their bones are more flexible and, therefore, heal more quickly than adults bones do (sometimes in as little as three weeks)! Here’s the lowdown on how to help your child heal from injury so they’ll be up and running again in no time:


As Frankie says, “Relax!”

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Top 5 Thoughtful Gifts for a Friend after Foot Surgery

Posted by Tom Schwab

Get well gift to send after foot surgeryWhen a friend or family member has foot surgery, any extra love and support you can provide them will be appreciated. Consider one or more of these thoughtful ideas for the friend or family member you love:

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Cast Covers Bring Function and Fashion to Orthopedics

Posted by Brooke Williams

Cast CoverZ!Remember CastCoverZ!?
We know your pain, your frustration, and your inconvenience while being an orthopedic patient.  CastCoverZ! knows how to comfort , add some fun, and solve your biggest challenges while casted, booted, splinted, braced or bandaged.
If you’re a mom with an injured child and need to put a smile back on their face while keeping their cast clean, save your furniture from scratching or your wardrobe from snagging, OR you are an adult looking for fashion or a discreet way to cover your cast, brace, splint or boot, we’ve got you covered with CastCoverZ!-branded products, from arm and hand cast covers and slings, to leg cast covers and orthopedic walking boot covers, in addition to designer color crutches and CrutchWear crutch accessories.
"My mom broke her arm just days before my wedding.  The custom "Slingz" is perfect!  We can't thank you enough for all your help. You have truly saved this wedding." ~ Patti, New York.  For more customer reviews, click HERE!
Wear your personality or cover up.  Stay clean, dry, snag-free and comfortable with CastCoverZ!-branded and companion products.  Comfort, fun, fashion, and function in the orthopedic world.  It's a challenge, but we're up to it.  Because we know if you Feel Better, you Heal Better!
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Ankle Surgery?! Is That My Only Option?

Posted by Tom Schwab

book on how ot cope wiht crutches and non weight bearing after foot or ankle surgery or injuryLet’s just skip past the tedious, excruciating and slightly embarrassing details of my injury and begin just after I’d limped into the orthopedic exam room. My right ankle has never been an ally, but while I didn’t expect a pat on the shoulder, I had hopes of a solution I could live with. When the surgeon finally appeared with an intern in tow, he opened with, “You aren’t going to like this.”

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