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How to Help the Recovery of Someone on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

HOW_TO_HELP_SOMEONE_ON_CRUTCHESBreaking a leg can be a very troublesome and traumatic experience.  When a friend or family member in your life is placed on crutches due to a broken leg, a surgery, or another injury that needs time to heal, they may not realize how hard it will be to function in the upcoming weeks.  In order to help that person in your life recover as quickly as possible, you might want to pitch in and help where you can.  Here are a few things you can do:


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23 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Kid on Crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

23 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids on Crutches


If your child is injured on Halloween this year, he or she might be disappointed about the costume choices available. 

However, crutches do not have to stop a child from enjoying a night of dress up.  

Who knew the injury could lead to sympathy and more candy.  They might just want to go on crutches every year.  Here are the 23 Coolest Halloween costume ideas for kids on crutches.



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How to care for someone on crutches

Posted by Tom Schwab

How to care for someone on crutchesIf someone you know or love lands on crutches, you might feel a little helpless.  After all, only that person can go through the recovery time and deal with the pain he is in.  However, there are plenty of things that you CAN do to help your friend or family member.  Not only will that person appreciate what you are doing, but he might also recover faster because of your help.  Here are some ways you can care for your friend or family member when they have to keep the weight off one leg for a period of time.

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Introducing Goodbye Crutches Get-Well Gift Collection

Posted by Tom Schwab

Uplifting_Post-Surgery_GiftsI am so excited to help announce the launch of the Goodbye Crutches Signature Get Well Gift Collection. Just like Goodbye Crutches’ signature crutch-alternative products, these gifts were designed to ensure that someone’s recovery time doesn’t have to be a dreaded “down time”.

Healing aromatherapy, soothing comfort, uplifting colors, and encouraging messages are all elements which have been thoughtfully curated to complete this Get-Well gift collection. Here are some highlights and insights into the items we’ve included in our gift packages:

Hydra Aromatherapy Shower Bursts make a fantastic base for this collection due to the fact that they address what is often cited as the most desired luxury for someone after surgery – a long, hot shower! Since baths are usually not an option after foot or ankle surgery, a luxurious shower is well deserved and appreciated. These aromatherapy bursts are activated by the steam and indirect moisture of the shower, creating a spa experience right at home! Each gift set in the collection includes four brightly foil-covered shower bursts each with a different blend of essential oils, along with a pine shower deck to place them on. Each burst lasts between 2-4 showers depending on the length of the shower and proximity to direct spray. We also chose Hydra Aromatherapy’s Healing Triple-Milled Shea Butter Soap Bar for its restorative scent and rich lather. All Aromatherapy Shower Bursts, Shea Butter Soap Bars and Pine Decks are All-Natural and Made in the USA!

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5 Recovery Products to be Thankful for after Foot Surgery

Posted by Brooke Williams

things ot be thankful for after foot or ankle injury or surgeryOkay, so you’ve done the worst.  You’ve injured yourself right before the holidays hit.  While you will have to make some changes to the way you celebrate this year, there is no reason to be in complete despair.  In fact, there are a number of products on the market that can really help you get through the recovery process.  And this Thanksgiving, you should be thankful for their help!  Here are just a few recovery products to remember as you think about what you are thankful for.

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