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Foot Surgery Preparations: The Food

Posted by Tom Schwab

Foot Surgery Preparations: The FoodIf you are about to have surgery on your foot or ankle, you have a lot of things you need to get done before you in to have the surgery.  While you have two working feet, it is a good idea to think ahead and prepare as many things as possible.  Once your surgery is complete, you will need to give your body all of the proper nutrients so it can heal itself.  In order to make that happen, it is a good idea to work ahead and prepare meals so that you can easily eat in a healthful manner once you get home.  There are a number of ways you can do that including freezing meals, buying healthy finger foods, and having neighbors bring meals to you.  Here are a few tips on what you can do in advance

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How to Tell You Might Need Foot or Ankle Surgery

Posted by Brooke Williams

how to tell if you might need foot or ankle surgery If you are not a doctor, you will never know for sure whether or not you need surgery because of the pains you have been having in your foot.  However, if you are in pain, it is good to know what you are up against.  Foot pain is something you will notice on a daily basis since you put weight on your feet every time you take a step.  Some foot problems can be cured with self-care while others need medication or even surgery.  Since the foot has 33 joints and 26 bones as well as plenty of muscles and nerves, a lot can go wrong.  Here are a few ways to help you understand whether or not your foot might need surgery in order to heal properly.

Look Up Symptoms

If you have pain in specific areas, look up those pains online.  You might be able to get a basic idea of what your diagnosis might be.  While you will never want to completely self-diagnose, knowing what to expect can help you treat your injury before you ever see the doctor.  If you suspect you have something that might need surgery, for example, you can keep your weight off your foot until you can see your doctor in order to prevent further damage.

Alleviate Pain

If you have found that you cannot alleviate the pain in your foot for longer than a short temporary period, you might need surgery.  You can try resting your foot, putting an ice pack on it, taking anti-inflammatory or even painkillers.  Special footwear can also help on a temporary basis.  If nothing you do gets rid of the pain permanently, surgery might be the only option.

Look at Reasons for Surgery

If you think you know what your foot problem is, look at the diagnosis online and see if it is a reason people generally have surgery on their feet.  Knowing whether or not you will likely need surgery will help you figure out how to treat your injury and how to prepare for your recovery.  If you really think you have a fracture, you might have to have surgery to repair it.  Your foot might become deformed and cause you quite a bit of pain if you do not.

Talk to your Doctor

The best way you can find out whether or not you need surgery is to simply visit your doctor.  Your doctor w ill be able to take x-rays and run other tests to find out what is causing your pain.  If you find that you have to have foot surgery, your doctor will give you further instructions on what to expect.  Either way, you should leave the appointment with a better idea as to how you can help your foot heal.

Whether you have to have foot surgery or simply have to keep your weight off your foot for a certain length of time, having an injury within your foot won’t be easy.  You may think that you will just use crutches and get by for a while.  Crutches, however, can be very limiting in terms of where you are able to go and how fast you can get there.  If you know you will be off your injured foot for a good deal of time, think about using one of the mobility devices from Goodbye Crutches including the Hands Free Crutch, the Knee Walker, or the Seated Scooter.  These items can be very helpful during the recovery process and they can make the time you spend on one foot go by much easier and faster.
Foot Surgery Checklist
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10 Vital Items to Take to the Surgical Center for your Foot or Ankle Surgery

Posted by Brooke Williams

surgery_centerIf you have to have foot or ankle surgery, you will have a little time to prepare for what is to come. When you think about going in for the surgery, there are a number of items you will want to take with you. Here is a list of some of those things as well as a few things you will not want to bring.


1. Surgery Information

Your doctor has likely given you a pamphlet of information on your surgery that you might like to bring along with you in case you want to read through the details while you wait to go in for surgery.


2. Your ID and Insurance Card

You will me amazed how many times people will ask you your name, your doctor's name and what your are having done.  It's not that they are clueless, but they want to be extra certain that you get the planned procedure.  They will ask you for a government issued ID card and your insurance information when you first arrive, so make sure you have both ready to start out.


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Coping with the Non-Weight Bearing Lifestyle Part 1-Before Surgery

Posted by Brooke Williams

non_weight_bearing_nwb_surgery_tipsIf you know you have to have a foot or ankle surgery that is going to knock you down to one foot, you have a rough time ahead of you. But there are things you can do to help yourself cope with the non-weight bearing lifestyle both before and during the process. Here are some things you can do before your surgery to help the recovery process run more smoothly.


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Checklist: Getting Ready for Foot or Bunion Surgery

Posted by Brooke Williams

red_checklist-resized-165When you are preparing for foot or ankle surgery, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the things your doctor recommends that you do before the big day. It might even feel hard to keep it all straight. With this checklist, you can ensure that you will get it all in before you go to the surgical center for your surgery. Feel free to add to the list if you think of anything extra that you need to do in order to prepare.

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